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Want better patient experiences?

Improve compliance, results, and patient satisfaction

The Weight and Lifestyle Transformation Method is a patient-centered tool to achieve better outcomes.

Based on science to ensure success.

The research is clear. Patients who had bariatric surgery and had post-surgery psychological support had significantly higher mental well-being. Without changing how patients think, achieving and sustaining weight loss is very difficult. A recent study from Wake Forest University School of Medicine suggests that when it comes to weight loss, the expression “it’s all in your head” may be true.

Now available for the first time outside of private clinical psychology practice, the WALT Method gives medical professionals and their patients new psychological tools to support behavior change to reach weight loss goals.

The WALT Method has been developed to be consistent with recommendations for weight loss made by the US Preventative Task Force, The American College of Cardiology, the American Heart Association, and the Obesity Society, and includes:

  • Longer-term duration (1 year membership; 6 month re-assess; 12 weeks of focused modules)
  • High-Intensity (1-2 hours per week)
  • Multi-component/Comprehensive
  • Focused on behavioral change
  • Setting clear goals
  • Regular self-monitoring
  • Strategies for maintaining lifestyle changes to sustain weight loss

How will your practice benefit with the WALT Method?

Increased compliance and adherence. The WALT Method can increase probability of enhanced weight loss because patients learn necessary skills, such as how to better manage stress and emotions, avoid perfectionism, improve self- and body image, and increase commitment, among others.

Increased engagement in less time. The WALT Method keeps patients focused on weight loss, requires fewer hours from your team spent in direct communication with patients, and builds more useful conversations in patient care by surfacing topics beyond just eating or exercise.

Managed patient acquisition expense.  The WALT Method is a lower-cost strategy to attract new patients, and provides medical practices with a clear point of differentiation.

Improved outcomes.  The WALT Method gives our medical practice partners a science-based psychological approach that improves weight loss outcomes.

What’s next?

Getting Started

Brain power to lose weight depicted by flowers

Doctors and their medical teams are doing their very best to get results for their patients. And let’s face it .. you don’t have any extra time in your day.

So we’ve made this easy for you.

Have your patient coordinator/manager book a discovery call, and we’ll take you through the quick and easy steps to get started.

When weight loss is a necessary part of your patient’s recovery, research says it’s the brain that needs to change. That’s what we do, and that’s all we do.


Meet Dr. Stewart Zelman

Dr Stewart Zelman Founder of WALT Assessment

As experts in the psychology of weight, Dr. Stewart Zelman and his team at Weight and Lifestyle have helped thousands of people over the past 20 years reach their weight loss goals.

The results of that success led to the creation of the WALT Assessment to help people learn their psychological roadblocks to weight loss.

The WALT Course provides targeted learning and support to create new thought patterns and behaviors to help motivated people reach their weight loss goals, and improve the success of any diet or exercise plan.

For the first time ever, the WALT Method is available outside of Dr. Zelman’s private clinical practice.

This is the very same program successfully used to achieve weight loss for clients referred from bariatric surgeons, cardiologists, and orthopedic doctors.

I have been a weight loss surgeon for over 10 years, and have interviewed more than 6,000 people suffering from the effects of excessive body weight. Often, they do not have any idea about one very key element of weight loss —the psychological element. The WALT provides accessible and understandable ways to learn how to use the power of their mind to control their food cravings, reward themselves in non-food ways, and find peace from overeating.


Dr. Barry Greene, M.D., F.A.C.S.Weight Loss Surgeon, Member, American Society of Bariatric Surgeons, American College of Surgeons, American Medical Association

Dr. Zelman and his WALT program have changed my life. I could not be more thankful for what he has done for me and my journey with weight loss. After having weight loss surgery, I live by a motto: “having bariatric surgery is an act of self-care, but not getting the help you need post-op is self-sabotage.”

After having bariatric surgery, I lost weight but still had all the problems that caused me to be at my highest weight. I knew I could never truly embrace my new lifestyle without resolving those problems. Dr. Zelman’s program has helped me tremendously. I can confidently say that without his help, I would not have hit my goal weight and lost 120 pounds from my highest weight.

My most challenging work with weight loss was not eating or exercising. It was tackling the demons and problems in my life that caused me to react negatively and eat. With this program, I have learned how to take care of myself, put myself first, and be an overall happier person.

Before working with Dr. Zelman, I was losing weight but was so fundamentally unhappy because I could not eat the way I used to in order to make myself feel better. In the past, I had eaten my whole life to cope with emotions I was not ready to handle and process. Now I do not eat my feelings. I have learned healthier ways to manage and resolve all the issues I was walking around with daily. Dr. Zelman’s program helped me not self-sabotage in my post-op journey.

Whether you have bariatric surgery or not, you must resolve the reasons you eat to lose weight and sustain it healthily. Dr. Zelman’s program is a fantastic way to do that. I highly recommend it to anyone who believes their eating is out of control. This program will teach you how to control it as long as you do the work.


V.P. Bariatric Patient and WALT member