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Online Weight Loss Groups

10 weeks.

Guided by experts.

Learning + Accountability

Go farther, together.

Is it easier for you to make progress in a group? We get it, and that’s why we also offer an online weight loss group option with the WALT.

Same high quality learning, but in small groups facilitated by a trained expert. We cover the WALT Big 10 Dimensions, work on defining and achieving short and long-term goals, spend time on specific focused thinking/doing exercises, and reflect on our journeys together.

The online weight loss group is a terrific option if you want a unique experience, with the camaraderie of others. The group includes access to the online WALT course, and is available to you for one year. Sessions are led by clinical psychologist and may be eligible for insurance reimbursement.

Upcoming sessions start on:

*July 27, 2023, 7p EST (4 spaces available as of June 24th)

*August 12, 2023, 10a EST (10 spaces available as of June 24th)