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To lose weight and keep it off, here’s what you need to know.

The WALT Assessment helps you learn where you can make changes that help you reach your weight loss goals.

  • Takes about 10 minutes
  • Your custom report is immediately viewable
  • Scores your risk level (low, moderate, high) in 10 areas critical to weight loss
      • Self image
      • Body image
      • Perfectionism
      • Eating over emotions
      • Eating from habit
      • Stress
      • Thoughts and feelings
      • Motivation
      • Assertiveness
      • Commitment

Please register through the “sign up” link below, so that your results will be emailed to you and incorporated into the WALT Course, should you choose to enroll.

The content within this website, including the WALT Assessment and WALT Course, should not be construed to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment, and should not replace any relationship that exists, or should exist, between you and a medical professional.