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Feeling like age has made the battle with the scale even tougher?

Yearning for a method that speaks to your unique challenges and assures you, “Yes, YOU can do it!”? Well, you’ve just found your answer. The WALT Course is not your typical weight loss program.

It’s a thoughtful journey designed especially for women who are in the vibrant seasons of their 45s and beyond, offering a gentle – and effective! – reset at a time when life is evolving, and so can you!

A Gentle Reset for a Vibrant You

Our approach is nuanced and respectful of the transitions that come with age. We understand that it’s not just about shedding pounds but about rekindling the vibrance of your youth and rejuvenating your spirit.

Rediscover the Essence of Your Youth

Your 50s and beyond are not about settling; they’re about rediscovering and thriving! WALT is your companion in this beautiful journey, helping you tap into the nostalgic essence of your youth and bring back the vitality and zest for life.

Sustainability Through Psychological Transformation

We believe in the power of the mind. The majority of our successful participants are women who have found a renewed sense of self through WALT. It’s about altering perceptions, managing emotions, and building a resilient self-image that stands the test of time.

How WALT Works for You

Personalized Assessment

Uncover your focus areas through our unique assessment.

Ten Comprehensive Modules

Reframe your relationship with food, enhance body positivity, and build a robust self-image.

Sustain & Thrive

With engaging sessions, reflective opportunities, and goal-setting tools, experience a shift that’s here to stay!

Hear from Our Vibrant Community

The WALT explains in an easy to understand way the psychology of weight loss that others haven't. It helps you understand how feelings and self-esteem and beliefs work and effect weight and self image. I highly recommend it.

- David B.

The WALT offers clearly defined concepts and approaches that helped me drop old ways of thinking and develop a mentally healthy approach to living. I felt like a new person and embarked upon a new way of living. While it is wonderful for weight loss, it also contains concepts you can use in any situation. If you really do what is suggested, you will have changed yourself by the time you finish it, and you will like the change! These ideas get inside you and change layers of thinking. It's an approach that WORKS.

-Sally H.

Without the new skills around self-image, managing stress, body image, and commitment I learned through the WALT, I would not be reaching my weight loss goals. I've lost more than 80 pounds in the past 10 months and my success is directly related to learning how to manage my mind.

- Victoria P.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the WALT course?
WALT (Weight And Lifestyle Transformation) is a comprehensive and holistic weight loss course that focuses on physical transformation and mental and emotional changes. Our course helps you reprogram your thoughts and feelings towards food and yourself, leading to sustainable weight loss.
How long does the course last?
The WALT is an online course delivered over 10 weeks in 10 modules. The duration of the course can vary depending on the individual’s progress. You can work through them at your own pace to ensure you absorb and apply all the knowledge effectively.
What resources are available in the WALT course?
Our program offers a range of resources, including eleven video sessions with expert psychologists, interactive learning presentations, engaging practice sessions, goal-setting tools, interactive journaling tools, ten hypnosis audio sessions, and weekly reflection opportunities.
Who is this course suitable for?
This course will benefit anyone tired of temporary weight loss and looking for a lasting solution. Whether you’re a first-time dieter or have tried numerous diets, our course can help you improve your relationship with food and yourself.
Can I take this course at my own pace?
Absolutely! We understand everyone’s journey is unique. Therefore, you can go through the course content and apply it at a pace that suits you best.
I have a medical condition. Can I still join this course?
While the WALT course provides a comprehensive approach to weight loss and lifestyle changes, it is still advised to consult with your healthcare provider before starting any new health program, particularly if you have a medical condition.
What is your refund policy?
We offer a 7-Day Promise. If you don’t notice positive changes in your thoughts and behaviors within the first week of starting the WALT, we’ll provide a full refund.
Is the course creator involved in the course?
Yes, Kristin is the co-owner and course creator, and used the WALT course to lose 18 pounds and improve her health. She shares her personal experiences and learnings throughout the course. Kristin worked closely with Dr. Stewart Zelman, a renowned weight loss psychologist, to create this online course.
What if I need support during the course?
We’re here to support you! You can contact our team anytime during the course if you have questions or need guidance. We’re dedicated to helping you succeed.

Ready for a Renewed You?

WALT is more than a course; it’s a celebration of your vibrance, a nod to the wisdom of your years, and a ticket to sustainable transformation. Invest in your renewed self for just $97, and let’s turn the pages to your most vibrant chapter yet!

Your story of rejuvenation and rediscovery is waiting to be written, and we are here to help you pen every beautiful chapter. Welcome to WALT, where every woman is celebrated and every transformation is cherished.